Studio Diary #1 - March 16, 2016

by Ezekiel Honig

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This is the first in a series of sessions in the vein of a live set, recorded in my home studio. It uses loops and sounds taken from a variety of tracks and sketches, but arranged in an improvisational manner. The sounds come from disparate songs so there is always something new that happens in the moment, new combinations, new progressions. As with my live sets the goal is to have a different experience each time, even while being part of an ongoing, developing whole. Versions in this series will be mostly in the 10-20 minute range, each exploring a handful of ideas within its set of sounds.

Studio Diary #1 uses some phrases from in-process material that will be part of my next album, along with other rhythms and textures from recent and older material alike.


released March 17, 2016



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Ezekiel Honig Los Angeles, California

Ezekiel Honig's emotively warm electronic-acoustic music uses a multitude of everyday real-world objects and spaces, tethering to our physical universe. Plastic, metal, wood, and air coalesce with Rhodes, guitar, horns, piano, and other instrumental origins, creating a sound of contrast and contradiction, pairing inviting, fuzzy chords with clunky and dirty mishaps. ... more

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